My San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Plans

It’s that time of year! Not Christmas, but summer’s version of Christmas for nerds – it’s San Diego Comic-Con time! And just like Christmas time, SDCC requires a lot of advance planning to maximize the fun and excitement.

I know a lot of people have been asking me what I’m looking forward to, so I figured I’d – gasp – update my blog and let everyone know what my plans are.

So without further ado, here’s my “schedule!”

(Ok, I lied, a little more “ado:” this is a very very VERY flexible schedule, minus one or two things. Everything depends on how long lines are, how tired I am, whether it only took me an hour to get into my cosplay or more than that, split second gut decisions about what I want to do. The number one thing newcomers learn about SDCC is to have Plans A, B, C, etc. If you don’t have multiple options for each time period, you’re gonna miss out on so many wonderful opportunities because you’re too busy being upset that you didn’t get into Indigo Ballroom in time for you favorite comedy (RIP Community).)

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Celebrating My Accomplishments

One of the first lessons I learned in counseling was how to celebrate my accomplishments, regardless of how small or insignificant. My depression killed my motivation to do nearly anything. Sitting down to watch tv episodes was a chore in and of itself, and I LOVE watching tv. Thus, doing anything like making myself a sandwich, or cleaning out the cats litterbox, was especially difficult to gather the energy for. The most I could accomplish on a normal day in the peak of my depression was washing some dishes or taking out the trash.

Training myself not not only acknowledge my success in even the smallest of tasks was hard. It took baby steps. I would be proud of how I managed to pack a box. I rearranged one drawer in my dresser that was driving me nuts. Each day has a different range of success. Some days I still manage to only do one or two things, but other days I’m on an accomplishing roll.

A lot of blogs have reoccurring posts, certain topics they like to touch on regularly. I’m going to use this one to remind myself that it’s ok that you simply cleaned up that table top, it needed to get done and you can be proud that you did it.

So without further ado, here are some of the things I’m proud of myself for this week.

  • I went and exercised! Say whaaaaat! I took yoga all of last semester through Bearobics at Baylor and loved it. I decided this semester to branch out a little more as well. Katie and I have gone a few times now to Totally Toned, which is total torture while also feeling incredibly good. I was sore for four days after my first time, but this time I’ve handled it a lot better. I’m hoping to go to both this and some yoga during the week, maybe also try Bear Cycle finally (which I hear HURTS). It’s past time to try to get a little more in shape.
  • IMG_9568Rearranging our bathroom cabinets. I should’ve taken a before picture but I didn’t remember to. We’d never really figured out a system for all of the random stuff we stored in our bathroom. I finally figured out a way to have everything we use more often easily reachable, while also still being able to see what we have all together. This is one of those “I’d been planning on doing it forever but didn’t have the motivation until I finally did” tasks, and thus I’m SUPER PROUD of it. Now of course I desperately want to replace our toothbrush holder, since it’s one of the few things left on the counter. I’ve never liked that thing.
  • Being more active on Pinterest. Now I don’t really mean I’m proud that I’m spending more time online. It’s more that I use Pinterest as a sort of mood board, or a place to save anything I see and think “oh that’s a good idea, I might want to try that.” It’s a fantastic source of inspiration to me. That being said, I pretty much only use Pinterest to sort through housing or crafting inspiration, which isn’t everyones thing. Maybe someday I’ll get into the food side of Pinterest. But until then, you can get an idea of what our someday future house might look like by checking out my boards here.
  • I went to Target and didn’t buy anything. Now, the irony is, I absolutely went there to get sweaters to use for a Doctor Who cosplay that I will likely still end up getting. But I held off because they’re certainly not necessary to get in life, even if I can pay for 4/5 of the cost with gift cards. I would be happy with them but I’ll also be happy without them. Also it’s just a success anytime I go to Target and don’t buy anything (even if we might be going back tonight to get something shhhh it’s still a win, I had self control!).
  • I can make my own dip! There’s a certain dip the Rogers taught us to make that I am OBSESSED with. I credit it for making me somewhat like avocado now (I still can’t eat it plain ewwww, but I love it with other things). It’s SO simple – just tomato, avocado, some olive oil, and greek seasoning – but I can eat tons of it in one sitting without even batting an eye. Even more impressive – I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF. I’m not a big fan of using sharp kitchen knives because I’m not very skilled with them – which of course, if I were to actually use them and work on that, I’d get more skilled. So I’m super slow at cutting up the tomato and avocado, but still, I do it myself!!! And then proceed to eat all the dip in less than two days so I have to make more. But it’s great and I can make something in the kitchen and I’m proud of it.

There’s plenty of other things I could put down, like actually waking up around 9 am every single day this week, but my goal is to pick out a few things each week. And really, I think it’s a great idea for everyone. It’s important for your mental health to think positive thoughts, so remember – it’s ok to be proud of yourself for things you might think are silly!

Anyone else accomplish anything big or small this week? I’d love to hear about it!

If I Were To Get a Tattoo

I never really thought I would ever want a tattoo growing up. I’ve never been against tattoos, I’m just indecisive. I like to change my clothes style often enough that it’s hard to imagine getting a tattoo I was happy with forever. It’s very serious to me, marking your body with ink that will never fully go away.

But I have found myself thinking somewhat frequently about what I would get if I were to get a tattoo. Honestly, I’m still not sure I want any at all. However, I’ve come up with three ideas I like for vastly different reasons. Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Pictures of My Precious Kitty

So as most everyone who meets me knows, I love cats. A lot. It will be mentioned multiple times in a single conversation typically. You know how people say they don’t trust you if you don’t like dogs? Yeah, that’s me and cats. Now if you’re allergic you get a free pass. But if you think you don’t like cats, you should really meet my cat Andy!

Andy is fairly dog like in his personality. He LOVES people. If someone knocks on the door, he takes off running to see who it is. He will smell your feet and rub against your legs. He loves head rubs and back rubs and I’m slowly teaching him to like belly rubs (SLOWLY emphasis on slowly). Besides playing with his feather toy, chasing lights on the walls, and eating treats, his favorite activity is cuddling. If both Jason and I have been gone all day, or all weekend, the next day Andy will insist on cuddling for hours because he missed us.

Basically I love my cat and spend a good amount of time trying to take good pictures of him. It can be hard cause you need some really good light. But in the four years I’ve had my baby, I’ve gotten some super stinking cute pictures. It’s hard to narrow it down to ten favorites, but here we go.

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On My Depression

While my family and I were in Tennessee I decided to finally tackle writing about my depression. I’m going to post what I wrote on July 1 largely unedited. Since is was written while I was actively feeling off, or feeling “depressed,” it’ll be a little more accurate to how I feel rather than if I were to write about it while having a good moment.

And remember, these are my experiences. Each persons depression can manifest in different ways. Continue reading

SDCC 2015: Sunday, aka Saying Goodbye

Each year at San Diego Comic-Con, Sunday comes so quickly. At this point I’m excited to go home, sleep in my bed, and hug my husband and my cat. But at the same time, I don’t want to go home, because that means not being around these awesome people. SDCC really is like summer camp – it’s the best thing ever while you’re there, but inevitably it has to end.

My only must-do Sunday was Kelly Sue DeConnick’s signing at 10 am. I decided to be lazy and not dress up, so I put on my “the entire cat population is my best friend” tank top paired with my cat print sweater instead. I kinda love cats.

Diego and I went and had a REAL BREAKFAST. Like went to a restaurant and SAT DOWN AND ATE FOOD. This happened before 3 pm! This is a SDCC miracle. The breakfast tacos were pretty damn good too! After we headed to the convention center and split up on our different missions.

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SDCC 2015: Saturday, aka How I Accidentally Dissed Scott Porter

Saturday is where things get a little fuzzy for me because after my miraculous day Friday, I decided to basically do whatever I wanted Saturday and not worry about sticking to a schedule. So Saturday I SLEPT IN A LITTLE.

By that I mean til maybe around 8:30? Which still is great after two straight days of waking up before 6. Sarah W and I planned on going to a semi-secret Agent Carter “flash mob” that was happening at about 10:45 am outside the floor at Hall C. There were rumors Hayley Atwell (who of course plays Peggy Carter) was going to be involved in some fashion, so Sarah, who of course cosplays as Peggy, HAD to go! I decided to go with her, because it was “wing it Saturday” so why not.

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When you read about going to San Diego Comic-Con, the first thing people tell you is to lower your expectations as to how much you’re actually going to accomplish. There are dozens upon dozens of different things to do at every hour, which is awesome and amazing. The big events though, like Hall H panels for movies and smaller rooms for super popular TV shows, are SUPER HARD to get into if you don’t devote a few hours to waiting in line for them before. The biggest piece of advice con-goers have in this situation is to give yourself 2 hours at least in between panels, anything less is likely impossible.

So going into my Friday schedule, I knew it was highly unlikely I’d get to see everything I wanted. There was 2.5 hours between the end of The 100 panel and the start of the Bob’s Burgers panel, but only 45 minutes between Bob’s Burgers and Orphan Black. Like a smart con-goer, I added some alternates to my schedule in case it was obvious that nothing after The 100 would work out. I had a moderate amount of hope, but a good amount of realistic expectations.

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